What is the best gift? 

We believe that gifting someone happiness is the one of the best gifts you can give someone - be it in the form of a du’aa or in the form of a box of treats. Whether it brings a brief moment of happiness or a lifetime of it, it is a memorable and unique gift, and one that will please both the giver and the receiver. 

Halal Happy Box - islamic gift hamper/box

We, like you, love to gift happiness, but we also want to  help others gift others happiness! If that makes sense? Seeing happiness in the ummah all round gives us great pleasure. That is why we created Halal Happy Box. To offer muslims something unique where they can gift their loved ones with a box full of happiness - happiness that will last moments and happiness that will last forever, literally. 

It’s all halal! 

All our products are 100% halal, of course and therefore suitable as gifts for all muslims.

Top notch quality

The use of premium and high quality products is very important to us, as we really want the gifts that you give our loved one to be of high quality, long-lasting and have that extra Oooo. We have not skimped on quality and costs and have therefore used the best products and materials that we could source. We hope you can see that in our boxes. 

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